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La Poutine was created by an Edmontonian and a Quebecois who have enjoyed poutine from east to west. Finally, both worlds are coming together in one place to deliver an incredible taste sensation. By offering traditional poutine and many other unique poutine creations, La Poutine has something for everyone.

La vie est Belle!

Our fries are hand-cut from fresh russet potatoes and fried twice in canola oil which is free of trans fat and also low in saturated fat.

Gravy: We offer both traditional gravy and beef gravy. The traditional gravy is vegan and is considered Quebec-style while our beef gravy is thicker, darker, and considered western Canada-style.

Cheese Curds: Our cheese curds are locally made and are so fresh they “squeak.”

Dips: Our dipping sauces are made in-house from real mayonnaise and sour cream.

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